About us

Underwriting and claims excellence are our two key competencies.

In providing our intermediaries and clients with international standards across underwriting and claims, we are able to differentiate ourselves clearly from our local competitors. Many of our underwriters are from international markets, bringing with them a wealth of experience, backed by international qualifications that enable them to understand risk clearly and competently. With a substantial local capacity we are able to retain the vast majority of the risks that we write, a sure comfort to many of our clients, especially at the time of claim - arguably the most important aspect of insurance - when they want to feel assured that the decision making process remains with the local company, which in turn facilitates a prompt settlement process.

Company Overview

The mission of the Company is to protect individuals and companies from, and help them to reduce, the risks they face in their daily life by providing insurance products that meet their needs in the areas of Property; Marine; Motor; Medical; General Accident and Engineering. The Company''s strategy is to focus on underwriting and claims discipline to achieve sustainable profitable returns. The purpose of the Company are to transact cooperative insurance operations and related activities such as reinsurance, agency activities, representation, or correspondence activities in accordance with the provisions of the Control of Cooperative Insurance Companies Regulations and its Implementing Rules, and such other laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Company may undertake all activities whether in respect to insurance or the investment of its funds and to own, move, sell, replace or lease its immovable properties or liquid assets either directly or through companies established or acquired by itself or in association with other entities. The Company may have an interest in, own or merge with, or acquire or by any means participate with other corporate entities that are engaged in activities or fiscal activities similar to those of the Company or which assist in realising its purpose. The Company may exercise such activities as stated above whether within or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Company History

Al Alamiya for Cooperative Insurance Company (Al Alamiya) is a Saudi joint stock company and was established in accordance with Council of Ministers Resolution No. 5 dated 08/01/1430H (corresponding to 05/01/2009G) and in accordance with Royal Decree No. M/2 dated 09/01/1430H (corresponding to 06/01/2009G) to carry on the activity of cooperative insurance. The share capital of the Company is two hundred million Saudi Riyals (SR 200,000,000) comprising twenty million (20,000,000) ordinary shares with a nominal value of ten Saudi Riyals (SR 10) each. The capital of the Company has been increased to (400,000,000) million Saudi Riyals on 15/3/1436H (corresponding to 6/1/2015G). The Company s founding shareholders include Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance (Middle East) Limited E.C. (50.07%), Riyad Bank (19.92%), and a group of reputable Saudi investors (0.01%). The remaining 30% of the Company s capital is offered to the public.

Customer proposition

At Al Alamiya, it is much more than mere product features and benefits being offered to a customer. It is the 'whole deal' which includes the product element as well as how things are packaged - the overall experience.

In our proposition to customers, we believe in offering a total 'service-wrap' that includes Relationship Management, Unique Product, Service, Price, Communication and Loyalty, all of which result in total customer satisfaction.

Product strength

Al Alamiya has a robust product portfolio across both commercial and personal insurances.

One of our core strengths lies in our ability to help businesses minimise the constant and ever-increasing risks they face. However, this focus on commercial services and risk management solutions is balanced by a growing personal lines portfolio that includes protecting and looking after your individual insurance needs, such as motor, household, medical or personal accident.

Embracing localization

Embracing localization

In Saudi Arabia we continue our drive towards localisation, making the national workforce a key component of our business.

We have demonstrated a clear intent to the Saudi community by opening up opportunities for Saudi talent to learn and grow. In addition to permanent placements, we also encourage our Saudi staff to acquire more knowledge in insurance.

Towards this end, we work closely with BIBF (Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance) and IOB (The Institute of Banking), where our local employees take courses on insurance.


We will act with openness, fairness, integrity, and diligence. We will always adhere to the applicable laws, regulations and standards in the places that we do business.

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